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Trump Supporters Against Politics At Oscars


According to CBS News an analysis has been completed and it appears that Trump supporters do not want to hear about any politics during Sunday’s Oscars.

The Hollywood Reporter and the National Research Group had conducted a poll. The results of the poll were that 66 percent of Trump Supporters have voiced that during the past awards show, they had to turn off their TVs because an actor has made a political speech. When it came to Clinton supporters, only 19 percent had turned off their televisions.

It’s not a surprise that Trump voters and Clinton voters differ when it comes to these awards shows and the speeches that the actors make. Forty-four percent of Trump supports said that awards show speeches tend to be “too political.” However, about 43 percent of Clinton supporters expressed that they want the Oscar winners to speak out about Trump during their speeches. Then there is the 8 percent that said they wanted the speeches to mention Trump.

The different opinions also go to specify the talking points too.  Looking at the numbers, 39 percent of Clinton voters want the Oscars to display more discussion centered on women’s rights, which ranks in comparison to the 8 percent of Trump voters. Then there is the 34 percent who wants to hear more speeches centered around Trump’s seven-nation travel ban, compared to the 7 percent of Trump voters who also wants there to be conversation around the travel ban.

Generally speaking, the poll resulted in 68 percent of Trump voters stating that they dislike political speeches during the Oscars, which ranks in comparison to the 23 percent of Clinton voters who stated the same thing.

With all this disagreeing, there was at least one issue that both sides agreed on, which was their politics not being influenced by any awards show.

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