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#JustinPeeber Has Been Relieved of His New Moniker


The Peeber is back in the headlines, well not the Peeber, but the Bieber.

According to entertainment news media outlet, E! News the hashtag, #JustinPeeber, can finally be put to rest.

Justin Bieber was seen walking in Los Angeles with a nice sized wet stain on the front of his sweatpants, which left comments to start swirling around that he just might have peed on himself. This “pee” outing by Bieber took Twitter by storm, which laughed the trending hashtag, #JustinPeeber. Bieber has finally come forward and cleared up the wet pants incident, doing the best thing that any celebrity in his position would do, he made fun of himself.

Bieber first went on Instagram on Thursday and he referenced the Billy Madison meme, from Adam Sandler’s popular comedy movie, that also included a picture of Bieber’s pee stain. He captioned the photo, “You ain’t cool unless you pee your pants.” Which happens to be a quote from Sandler’s character who intentionally spilled water on his pants in hopes that it would stop a group of kids from bullying a student who did pee himself.

Bieber definitely was a good sport and took the joke in stride, however, when the curiosity on the Internet began to take place, Bieber, of course, was able to Tweet the perfect response.

Bieber wrote, “Someone got me flowers and I was driving, made a turn, and the water spilled on my dick area. Didn’t bother me if it made ya laugh nice!”

So how much did those sweatpants he wore cost? Those wet Vetements gray pants retail for $690, however, they are currently on sale for $414. But don’t think that you will be getting a pair anytime soon because they’re sold out. The pants will eventually dry, but come on, who wouldn’t scream from spilling water on $700 pants?

I guess that we can laugh it off with Bieber.

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