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Aaron Carter Defends Himself after Attack


It wouldn’t be the first time that Aaron Carter has faced disturbing claims.

“I didn’t get beat up I got a hit and pushed when I wasn’t looking and they ran out the club and I stood on the speakers waiting for them? Maybe he should’ve not been a fake security guard, causing liability to the venue and antagonizing me and my fans mid-show,” Carter said, “This dude sized me up after I said he had to go and said bye Felipe like bye Felicia the male version.. Friday? He needed to go,”

He is now speaking out on accusations that, while backstage, he was attacked as a response to racial comments that were made during his opening act.

TMZ has reported that Carter was performing in Bradley, Ill at the Looney Bin on Friday evening. While performing a member of Ill State, the group who was on stage prior to Carter’s performance had jumped on stage and attacked Carter over an alleged racial remark.

According to TMZ, who has actual video footage of the incident that has also been posted to YouTube by Ill State, Carter asked that one of Ill State’s members be removed from the venue. While the member was escorted out, Carter yelled, “Bye, Felipe,” which happens to be his own version of the saying, “Bye, Felicia.”

Carter was then attacked by a member of Ill State. During the altercation, allegedly a computer and speaker were damaged as well. TMZ has reported that following the altercation, Aaron was “bloody” and had to go the hospital. Since the incident occurred, Carter has stated that he didn’t mean to disrespect anyone and law officials are investigating the attack.

Aaron also saw fit to defend himself after being accused of racism by tweeting, “News flash my band consists of three amazing black funk musicians and an Italian guitar player from Italy Simone Stan Petey and p bass… They raised me and have been playing with me doing shows for 16 years.”

Carter had a previously scheduled show for tonight in Illinois, however, the singer shared that the show was canceled due to “unforeseen circumstances.”

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