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Putin Critic Leaves Russia


Vadim Prokhorov, the lawyer for Vladimir Kara-Murza, has posted this statement on Facebook, “This morning, Vladimir Kara-Murza flew abroad with his wife Evgenia Kara-Murza, accompanied by physician to undergo a rehabilitation course after repeated severe poisoning (a few days earlier, he had been in a critical state of coma).”

The critic of Vladimir Putin, Russia’s President, was in the hospital this month following alleged poisoning. Since being released, Kara-Murza has left the country in efforts to seek treatment elsewhere. 

Kara-Murza was released from a Moscow hospital, said Prokhorov, who did not reveal his client’s destination.

Prokhorov said, “The diagnosis in the discharge summary is the same — ‘toxic effects of unknown substances.” He was released from the Moscow hospital and his current location is not being released. Prokhorov also stated that Kara-Murza does plan pursuits to, “the restoration of democracy in Russia.”

In 2015, Kara-Murza, first went into a coma after alleged poisoning and was hospitalized after becoming ill on February 3. Kara-Murza was a member of Open Russia, which is an anti-Putin organization with activists who are fighting for open elections, free press and civil rights reform.

Evgenia Kara-Murza, his wife, has spoken to CNN and advised that on Februray 9, Kara-Murza was awake after being in a medically induced coma. She blamed the Kremlin for his hospitalizations.

Russia has denied any allegations in regards to Kara-Murza’s illness and the allegations cannot be confirmed.

United States Senator, Marco Rubio, who is also a Putin critic, is requesting that the White House and State Department look into the case and question the Russian authorities. Rubio said,”Vladimir Putin does not deserve any benefit of the doubt here, given how commonplace political assassinations and poisonings have become under his regime. I am praying that Kara-Murza’s condition improves.”

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